Purpose is a Journey…Not a Destination

Hello friends!

It has been a little less than a year since my last post. In that time I have had my 5th child, repainted my kitchen and den, acquired a new client, and kept my Grave’s disease in remission (so far so good!). Of course there has been much more in between centered around my family including chorus concerts, dance competitions, preparing for preschool, inconsistent potty training, breastfeeding, supporting my husband coaching Fil-Am youth basketball, and supporting my husband and his new side business hustle. A mom’s work is never done, but it is one of the most significant roles in our society. I do feel, and have felt for a very long time even before I had kids, that being a mother is my primary vocation. I’m sure many of my fellow mothers feel the same way.  However, let’s also remember that part of this vocation is to show our children the entirety of our purpose. It’s to serve in multiple ways with all of our God-given talents.

Especially as moms, we sometimes struggle with the question “What am I going to do with my life?”. Some of us haven’t had a chance to get started on a career outside of the home because of starting a family. Some of us have had pitstops from our careers to tend to family. Still for some of you life has thrown several surprises your way to start or continue a career. Whatever your path, it’s important to recognize that your ultimate goal in life is to develop your purpose. This purpose is not a destination. It isn’t a single job, a single career, or a single field. It’s the gift that God has designed for you to be and to give in service to the world. This gift will have multiple forms in your life.

Are you struggling with this idea of finding your purpose? I want to tell you what I am constantly telling myself every day–It’s ok. I’m not an expert at feeling self-assured on all measures, but I do want to offer some advice that helps me to keep going with the satisfaction that what I’m doing is amazing. It’s easy, if you are like me and at home with the kids, to sometimes feel like you may be underestimated, tired, and overwhelmed. Here are some thoughts I want you to remember:


Don’t compare yourself to what you think others expect of you.

First off, own your decisions and choices.  There are reasons why you are doing what you are doing. Never live your life according to what you think others think you should be doing. You are the only one who knows where you should be. You are the only one who hears what God whispers to your heart.

Carve out something for yourself.

This can be a career. It can be volunteer work. It can be acting as a supportive friend. It can be reading a book. It can be a hobby. Make sure you don’t fall into the rut of having your day only full of household duties such as cooking, cleaning, carpooling, and grocery shopping. Do a little something each day that is just for you. You will be the best role model for your kids if they see that you have individual talents, skills, and interests that fall outside of household duties. And I want to differentiate household duties from mom duties. Household duties are things that anyone besides you can do. Mom duties are those things that only YOU can provide: providing love and caring; offering advice and counsel; building character and confidence in your kids; laughing together, etc. These things are irreplacable and are the ultimate model of honor to your kids!

Don’t forget to dream.

No matter what your age, don’t forget to reach for something new and more. This can be anything–from owning your own own business to learning how to bake chocolate cookies (yup…that has been my mission this summer!). Your aspirations are God’s way of hinting to you of new challenges that are part of your purpose. If it feels right pursuing, you are on the right track with what He’s trying to convey to you. Life is too short to not listen!


So I am completely a work in progress, and I’m cool with that. My journey is going to make multiple twists and turns…and even get surprisingly rerouted. However, this is the journey that I know God is putting me on. I’m putting my faith in it. I know he is making a way for me even when I don’t see a way. He’s doing the same for all of us!

Can I get an Amen?



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I’m a Be”weaver”!

Every summer my daughters and I usually try to tap into our creative selves in some shape or form. This usually ends in unfinished projects.

We tend to have lots of fervor and no end game!

One summer it was sewing. I don’t recall any finished sewing projects, but I can tell you where the bag of different fabrics we bought are. Some cut into pieces. Some left fully intact.

This summer we threw our hats into the weaving ring. My oldest recalled a exploration session she had in the 2nd grade I believe where they learned to weave with yarn and homemade looms of cardboard. So we got to work on this year’s creative project!

Give me all the yarn please.
Give me all the yarn please.

We were able to get a decently inexpensive yarn haul from AC Moore, 10 for $10. They were all small rolls, but we were thankful for the variety…especially since we are notorious for unifinished projects.

I’m happy to report I had some end game with this endeavor. I credit a coincidental discovery of a weaving class at my local West Elm. I spent $35 to attend the class which came with supplies for weaving (sturdy cardboard loom, warp yarn, plastic weaving needle, and lots of yarn!). The class was taught by Christine Dwyer of copper + fringe . It was fantastic! She taught us the basics and a few techniques.

My first weaving
My first weaving

For this first weaving I was basically concerned with just getting the basics down. I chose the colors of my alma mater (Wahoo Wa!). I definitely need to work on my cleanliness and technique!

For my second weaving I played with the yarn from my AC Moore haul. I tried to be more strategic with my technique and design.


I think it looks a bit cleaner.


My 3 year old son said he doesn’t really like this one though. He says it is too “hairy”.

I’m really enjoying weaving. It is definitely relaxing and it is quite meditative working with the yarn in simple ways. Weaving is VERY forgiving, so when you mess up it isn’t too devastating. I’m loving it because it is providing the perfect way to focus my attention on something else, destress, and hopefully stay balanced during this pregnancy. I don’t want my Graves to come back during the pregnancy and I want me and the baby to be as healthy as possible.

On to my next weaving…

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My First Attempt At Distressing



I found this mirror at Goodwill for only a few bucks. I thought it would be perfect for my first try at distressing something and transforming it to look somewhat “shabby chic”. I’ve used chalk paint, but I’ve never tried sanding it to make edges look worn and rustic. After removing the hooks and cleaning it, I painted several layers of FolkArt Home Decor chalk paint in “sheepskin” (which I purchased from AC Moore). Then I took a sanding block I found at Dollar tree (fine and medium surfaces) to distress.

After a layer of FolkArt clear wax, here’s the finished product:


Finishing this piece was like a complete psychological test in taking risk. I didn’t want to distress too much, but then I was finding I was holding myself back to doing much at all. I’m happy with the finished product. Yet, now I’m curious about my next distressing piece. Will I do more to make it look more tattered and used? Could I be so daring?

This will make a perfect replacement to our key holder, which we’ve had for 16 years!


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