Breaking Barriers: Fave Quotes From 2nd Annual Women’s Symposium

Last week I attended Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District’s Second Annual Women’s Symposium hosted by Congressman Scott Rigell.  The theme this year was “Breaking Barriers-Empowering Dreams” and I set out to attend to learn more about the needs and challenges of starting a female-owned business from local resources.  I am in the starting stages of creating a business plan for myself and was hoping to find some inspiration, knowledge, and encouragement from the event.  I’ve been feeling like at some moments I am completely fired up about pursuing my own business, with clear direction and ideas on my path moving forward.  Yet at other moments I feel so scattered, overwhelmed, and unknowing of where I am even trying to go.  I’ve been trying ot keep a journal to put my thougths down on paper with the hopes that they will be even more concrete, but I feel like I need to practice that on a daily basis in order to keep the momentum going.  Right now I waiver between reaching new heights in progress to staying stagnant at the bottom of a wave.

One thing that stays true is that I know I have solid ideas that I want to make come to fruition.

There is potential there.

I think.

Okay, I gotta believe!

So here is a collection of the most inspiring quotes and thoughts of the day that have made me contemplative of my purpose, dreams, and pursuits.

Women need to stop bringing each other down.

Don’t make judgement about what you know.  Have faith in God to overcome challenges.

If you have an education, no one can take that away from you.

If you feel like quitting, give yourself a rest.  Step away, then get back in the fight.

-Barbara Hamm Lee, Managing Director, SkillsOnline, and Exective Producer and Host, WHRO’s Another View


Clients are scrambling to award to women-owned companies.

-Kathy Dolan, U.S. Small Business Administration


Saving will get you where you want to be in the future!

-Katherine C. Willis, Managing Director of Palladium Registered Investment Advisors


Connect with people that matter to you.

Disconnect from anything that doesn’t help you grow.

People can tell when they are living off of your fumes.

Don’t sacrifice yourself.

-Alvean Lyons, CEO TRACE Success Consulting, LLC



Be willing to stretch and try new things.  Be willing to do something.  Be first to raise your hand.

-Cathy Mangum, Associate Director, NASA Langley Research Center


Know your job better than anybody else.

You live within the standards that you set.  Change the standards if you don’t like them.

-Col. Caroline M. Miller, Commander, Joint Base Langley-Eustis


Hope these quotes help motivate you today with your own endeavors!


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