Collage Art: Independence Day Flags


Now that my first two children are older, I am excited that their “arts and crafts” are reaching a new level. Last week’s summer theme was “American”, so we made flags out of scrap paper and using the collage technique.

Since July 4th is Independence Day and July 6th is Philippine Independence Day, I wanted to make one of each type of flag. I love the finished products! Here is what you need:


Scrap paper (from magazines, newspaper, circulars…this is the perfect reason to go dumpster diving around your house!)
Wood plaques (I got 5×7 wood plaques from Walmart for $0.97!)

We first sketched out the image we wanted to create on the wood plaque using a pencil. Make sure you label the colors you will want to use!


Next we started cutting out bits of paper in the colors we needed. ANY type of paper will do! The more variety in textures, tone, shape, and images will make your art stand out! Then we started gluing each piece down in the desired area of the wood plaque.


Here’s a close up of our work in progress!


I almost wanted to stop before adding the “stars” for each flag!


The kids did the bulk of the work up to this point and got tired. So I added all of the stars. My youngest daughter helped with any embellishments with marker!


Hope everyone had an amazing Independence Day!

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Yarn Stencil Wall Art




My 10 year old daughter is one of the most preciously creative people I know.  She has always loved arts and crafts, yet she has been impressing me more and more as she is getting older.  I marvel at the lens that she may be seeing the world in, because some of the beauty she sees is beyond what I can imagine.

This post is all her.

This art is all her own.

I loved the piece that she made that it is hanging in our house right now…our dining room.  When I did so, she asked,

Is it really good enough?


Absolutely!  So here is what she did to create such a pretty masterpiece.  One a day home from being sick, she asked if we had any spare canvases she could use.  I fortunately had one.  Then she asked for yarn and some hard cardboard.


She made a stencil of a butterly.  She used the yarn to hot glue the shape of a butterfly onto the cardboard.



Then she painted the butterfly with some purple acrylic paint we already had and proceeded to make a repeating pattern of butterflies on the canvas.


No need to be precise.  Any imperfections mean character and creativity.


I was amazed at how she freehanded her stenciling and the butterflies were spaced fairly evenly!

I thought she was done with the project, but when I came home from dinner with friends, I found that she had added to the art.


She hot glued identical butterflies she cut from pastel paper she had.  I love the dimension it adds!


There it is hanging on our wall.  Perfect in every way!




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Thrift Store DIY: Wire-Framed Vase



I think a whole year ago (maybe 2 years ago!), I picked up this wire frame from the Salvation Army.  I assumed it was a candle holder of some sort and the glass had broken.  I think I paid a little less than a dollar for it.  Although odd and bent looking, I thought it had potential.

I finally found the time to do something with it.



Silver spray paint, some jute rope I got from Target for $1, and a glass vase from AC Moore that I got for $2 with a 50% off coupon…I have a new flower vase!



I think the jute rope adds some great texture and breaks up the industrial metal.  I also didn’t bang out any of the slight bends in the metal.  So the vase doesn’t sit perfectly, which keeps some character that I love!

I love things that aren’t perfect!


It’s the perfect addition to my bathroom!


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