Pay It Forward in 2015: Join the #DeedADay Movement


This coming year I am amped to transform my blog and my time to something I’m truly passionate about.  I found it fitting that the first post in my “transformation” phase be something related to social good and am hoping this sets the tone for my 2015!


I’m excited to share the opportunity for you all to join me in the #DeedADay movement! Let 2015 be your year of paying it forward. If you make any resolutions, please let this be one that you aim to commit too!   Don’t let the season of giving end after the winter holidays.

Dedicate yourself to doing 100 good deeds this year!

The 100 Good Deeds project is simple.  This bracelet acts as a reminder that each time you do a good deed, you move the rubber ring closer to the 100th bead. Mary Fisher artist, author and HIV/AIDs activist, designed this gorgeous bracelet strung with 100 beads by HIV positive and economically fragile women in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, South Africa, India, Indonesia, and Haiti. Just by knowing the purpose and work behind making the bracelets is a solid reminder to be thankful for our own blessings and pay those blessings forward!

I’d like to make this a resolution project for my family.  We’ve been blessed with so much that I only find it necessary to do the same for others.


Best wishes in 2015!

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Thank Your Neighbors with Mister Rogers #BeMyNeighbor


It is so easy to get caught up in our own hectic schedule that we can overlook the people who are oftentimes some of a family’s biggest helpers-your neighbors.

Have you ever leaned on a neighbor to see your kids onto the bus in the morning when you had an early work meeting?  Have they made sure your kids got off the bus safely and were watched while you had a family emergency?  Did they let you know your garage door was still open as evening approached?  These are some of the things my lovely neighbors have done for me.  If you haven’t had similar experiences, maybe it’s time for to reach out and get to know your neighbors.

It’s never too late.

What is the inspiration for this post?  Mr. Rogers of course.  Don’t you remember?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

The Fred Rogers Company has recently launched the #BeMyNeighbor campaign that includes the new website Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  The premise is simple.  Be inspired by Mr. Roger’s neighborly philosophy, see what everyone’s doing to be neighborly to each other across the country from stories and messages across social media, and share your own acts of compassion towards each other.

Isn’t this a great way to spread joy to one another…from house to house…and even beyond our immediate cul de sacs?

Here are some creative ways I’ve found you can give thanks and gratitude to your neighbors this holiday season!


Bake something.  Make something.  It can be as simple as a small batch of cookies or a loaf of banana bread.  Whatever you are talented at in nourishing your belly, your neighbors will appreciate it!  Before you deliver it, print off some of these touching printables from Thrify Decor Chick to send a meaningful message to them!


Decorate.  Think your neighbors could use a little holiday cheer every time they arrive home?  This may spark a bit of sunshine to help tackle anything they are going through.  Make an inexpensive holiday wreath that looks like a million bucks.  Here’s a simple one from Lindsay of Recreated that involves some common bulb decorations and a pie tin (I”m sure everyone has some piling up from Thanksgiving leftovers!)


Donate.  Maybe your neighbor is elderly and is having a hard time getting to the grocery store often enough during this cold weather.  Maybe the family is falling on hard financial times.  Here is a thoughtful idea from B-Inspired Mama as part of her generous random act of kindness project for the #ShareAMeal campaign!


Give your physical strength.  Rake up their leaves for your neighbor.  Okay, this requires more help.  Hopefully, you have kids to help you.  Maybe you can elicit a team in the neighborhood.  This is perfect for the neighbor who fell recently ill or is recovering from a surgery/injury.  Here are 7 Tips for Raking Leaves Like A Pro from Popular Mechanics to help!

These are just a few ideas, but you can be inspired by more at the Won’t You Be My Neighbor site.  I’m sure you and your children can brainstorm great ideas based on who your neighbors are and what you know they are going through.  Have fun spreading cheer!



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