New Family Fun at Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2014!

Santa recites the Night Before Christmas...he's the BEST Santa I've ever seen!

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Last week I had the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of the new holiday season at Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Williamsburg, VA!  It has become a family tradition for us and the kids always look forward to it.  I’m so surprised that they love going even though many rides are closed and the weather can get super chilly at night. However, they truly enjoy marveling at the thousands of Christmas lights that adorn every inch of the already beautiful park, the shows, and the holiday food!  It is the perfect way to spend quality time with the family and do something festive during the holidays.  Here are some of the highlights of our trip!

First off, my favorite part of Christmas Town are the lights!  Once dark settles, every inch of the park is lit up offering a wonderful glow of holiday warmth!

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Second, Christmas Town is the perfect opportunity to check out the shopping and delicious food!  Usually when we go to Busch Gardens in the warmer months, we are so busy riding rides that we don’t get to take a peak into the many shops with unique gifts and wares from around the world.  Regarding the food, if you think you are in store for the usual pizza and burgers you are quite mistaken.  The menus for all of your favorite Busch Gardens dining options from Germany’s Fest Haus to the town square’s Dicken’s Tavern, you’ll get a chance to nibble on yummy holiday fare including holiday-themed cocktails, clam chowder, carved ham/turkey, gingerbread, and more.  There are also tons of food stands throughout the park with tasty treats like the popular Christmas Town hot chocolate, wassail, peppermint mocha, donut holes, and even cider and egg-nog themed cocktails!

Our favorite tradition is Santa’s Fireside Feast.  It is a themed-buffet that is an extra park fee, but it offers an intimate Santa experience complete with a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, elves to keep you company, and topped off with Mrs. Santa coming around to give you her homemade cookies!  Your kids will get a chance to sit and talk with Santa as well as get a picture!  The food is delicious as well!  We had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, swedish meetballs, pasta salad, salad, chili, and more that I know I stuffed my pregnant face with!

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What honestly keeps us coming back each year are the shows.  The talent, singing, and dancing is phenomenal!  Our all-time favorite show is Gloria! which provides an upbeat and soulful telling of the story of the birth of Jesus.  Just wait until you hear their version of Away in a Manger…always gives me the chills!  This year there is a NEW show called Scrooge, No More! and it is a must-see!  It is a retelling of a Christmas Carol and the music is awesome!  The show combines a diverse set of tunes reminiscent of rock, holiday classics, and upbeat pop ballads.  The costumes, set design, and special effects are high-quality (you’ll think you are watching a Broadway show!).  Tip:  If you have little ones, make sure you sit in the front rows in the center.  They’ll love the ending!


Busch Gardens Christmas Town is open from now until December 31st!  Don’t miss out!  Click here for more info!  You can follow all of the fun and pics at #ChristmasTown.


Disclaimer:  I was given complimentary admission to Busch Gardens Christmas Town as part of a blogger preview event.  The thoughts and opinions listed here are completely my own. 

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