Collage Art: Independence Day Flags


Now that my first two children are older, I am excited that their “arts and crafts” are reaching a new level. Last week’s summer theme was “American”, so we made flags out of scrap paper and using the collage technique.

Since July 4th is Independence Day and July 6th is Philippine Independence Day, I wanted to make one of each type of flag. I love the finished products! Here is what you need:


Scrap paper (from magazines, newspaper, circulars…this is the perfect reason to go dumpster diving around your house!)
Wood plaques (I got 5×7 wood plaques from Walmart for $0.97!)

We first sketched out the image we wanted to create on the wood plaque using a pencil. Make sure you label the colors you will want to use!


Next we started cutting out bits of paper in the colors we needed. ANY type of paper will do! The more variety in textures, tone, shape, and images will make your art stand out! Then we started gluing each piece down in the desired area of the wood plaque.


Here’s a close up of our work in progress!


I almost wanted to stop before adding the “stars” for each flag!


The kids did the bulk of the work up to this point and got tired. So I added all of the stars. My youngest daughter helped with any embellishments with marker!


Hope everyone had an amazing Independence Day!

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