Become an Advocate for Common Sense Kids Action




Do you want to be part of a movement to help put kids and education at the top of the U.S.’s priority list?

Common Sense, the organization widely known for providing unbiased information, recommendations, and innovative tools to advocate for children in media and technology, has recently launched Common Sense Kids Action.  This is an opportunity to join with others in working with policymakers, business leaders, and advocates across the nation in driving policies at the state and national levels that impact children with regards to education.  This includes critical needs such as:

  • online safety and privacy
  • access to high-quality early education
  • access to high-quality digital experiences
  • reducing childhood poverty

I have long referred to Common Sense Media as a trustworthy resource for guiding information for my children including reviews for movies, apps, and books as well as instructional tools for my classroom and fellow teachers.  They are a strong force in promoting success for children in the 21st century both inside and outside of the classroom.  I strongly urge you, whether as an educator, parent, or citizen, to become an advocate for Common Sense Kids Action.  As an advocate, you will receive email alerts on legislative activity that impacts your local community as well as have the opportunity to share your actions and these issues with your friends.

Education is such a critical issue for the progress of our society.  The decisions we make today great impact the success of the future.  This is an impactful way to stay informed and have a voice in preparing children for the challenges and needs of what is to come.  Please get involved!

You can sign up here!  Follow Common Sense Kids Action on Twitter @CSKidsAction.



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