Teaching Preschool Math with Disney Imagicademy

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This past December, Disney launched its first mobile educational app, Disney Imagicademy, aimed to teach young children the fundamentals of learning.  With the tag line, “where curiosity is a magical thing”, Disney is using its much beloved original characters of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and more to provide a highly interactive learning experience for young children.  In classic Disney fashion, the core principle behind the educational learning is imagination.  At every possible angle, the app inspires children to dream big, be creative, and let their imagination go beyond the expected.

Right now, Mickey’s Magical Math World is available for users to download for free for iOS (with many in-app purchases).  I downloaded it wondering if my almost 2 year-old son would take a liking to it.  He loves Mickey Mouse and I was already anticipating this app to have dynamic imagination and multiple thinking skill activities.  Here are a few of the features that stood out to me!

Variety of Preschool Math Concepts

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From the get go, it was clear what math concepts were available for your child to explore.  I was a bit worried when I saw “trial” for each one, which usually for an app means you barely scratch the surface in what you get to utilize.  However, this was not the case.  In the trial version, there are a substantial amount under each concept that you can explore.

Inclusion of Self-Directed Construction and Imaginative Creation

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The premise of the app is that Mickey and his friends are helping run the Space Oasis where visitors can come and explore.  What a more inviting way for visitors (you!) to become part of the action than to create your own robot avatar that explores the Space Oasis!  Not only can the child design the robot (from the shape of the head, accessories, facial features, etc., your child can also help clean, feed, and maintain the robot whenever they desire.

Multiple Skill Building Approaches to Learning Math

I could probably go on for a long time (even just based on the free trail offerings), on the multiple skills and interactive methods the child can practice using this app, but I will just highlight a few.  It won’t do it justice, but here are some great examples.

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Learn sequential order and number recognition by having your robot swing across the monkey bars to the target number(s) requested in the app. I like how this is basically a number line that kids can explore back and forth, multiple times, and feel like they are playing on a jungle gym!


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Practice number recognition and matching by targeting the correct number when prompted in the app. Who wouldn’t love being in a space ship zapping at a target?!


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Trace numbers that are prompted (or even better trace your own) in the sand box and the requested number of sand mounds will appear. This is a great way to get kids to practice their writing skills.


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Drag and drop activities abound in the app. Here you can take your sand mounds and drag them to the targeted circles. You don’t even have to follow the formula and place one mound in each circle, you can stack your mounds as high as you want. The app will count outloud for you. So not only are you identifying the quantity of the number by the presented position, but children have the opportunity to sort and divide the number into appropriate groups.


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Of course, there are always imaginative surprises. The sand castle you build can really turn into a gorgeous sand castle!



The app has been developed with an advisory panel of experts leading in the fields of education, early childhood development, and games and learning.


Supplemental Activities You Can Do At Home

In addition, you can download the free Disney Imagicademy Parents app which is a wealth of information and tips for parents to get involved in their child’s learning with the Disney Imagicademy apps.  Parents can not only keep track of their child’s learning, but they can engage in supportive activities at home that can get the whole family involved.   This includes activities like creating salt art phone numbers, leaf processing art and sorting, and scavenger hunt shopping trip ideas.  This is a great resource for any parent who wants to be part of their child’s learning experience, but also for homeschooling parents who are the primary facilitator for learning at home.

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Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Disney Imagicademy and did not receive any compensation or sponsorship for writing this post.  The thoughts here are completely my own.  











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