DIY: Refreshed Candle Holders


If you are sick of a knick knack in your house, all you need is a can of paint.

That’s what I like to say…or maybe I don’t have the money to buy new knick knacks.  Since I moved into this house in 2003, the theme has been “earth tones”. Which means my house looks like the Fall season threw up all over it.  It’s warm, but I’m so sick of it.  So I’m slowly (very slowly) trying to transform it so it has a more calming and bright appearance. My first step has been refreshing some dark brown metal candle holders I’ve had.


I think I got these from TJ Maxx when I first moved into the house.  I’ve been so tired of seeing dark brown that these have been tucked away on top of our dining room cabinet for years.  So I took a can of spray paint that I’ve had that’s in an ocean blue color and went to town.


I’m already feeling the overdose of chocolate color in my mind diminish as I look at these.  I’m going to use them as my starting point to update my family room to colors that won’t remind me of Snickers bar.


Right now they are sitting lonely on top of my mantle, fighting against my dark chocolate wall.  Hopefully it will nudge me to paint the wall soon (I have leftover paint to use already)!

Not bad for not spending any money.

Lesson:  If you have something you don’t love stowed away in your house (not talking relatives or animals), change it so you will love it!



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