Thrift Store DIY: Wire-Framed Vase



I think a whole year ago (maybe 2 years ago!), I picked up this wire frame from the Salvation Army.  I assumed it was a candle holder of some sort and the glass had broken.  I think I paid a little less than a dollar for it.  Although odd and bent looking, I thought it had potential.

I finally found the time to do something with it.



Silver spray paint, some jute rope I got from Target for $1, and a glass vase from AC Moore that I got for $2 with a 50% off coupon…I have a new flower vase!



I think the jute rope adds some great texture and breaks up the industrial metal.  I also didn’t bang out any of the slight bends in the metal.  So the vase doesn’t sit perfectly, which keeps some character that I love!

I love things that aren’t perfect!


It’s the perfect addition to my bathroom!


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