24 Ways to Use Your “Elf” to Teach Giving and Kindness (+ giveaway )


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Does one magically appear in your house at the beginning of the holiday season?

Or are you on the fence about getting one this year?

We’ve all seen the pictures on our feeds.  Elves wreaking havoc in people’s homes:   making messes in the kitchen, tearing up the bathroom, and playing pranks on the families they visit.

Our elf playing the filipino game “sungka”
Our elf reminding us there are 9 days left until Christmas using butterscotch chips!
Our elf channeling Miley Cyrus

Many parents buy them as a fun Christmas tradition.  They tell their children “The elf is keeping an eye on you and will tell Santa  about any misbehavior they see.”

So why do we make the elves do such mischievous things?  Isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid modeling to children?

This seems rather ironic.

So instead of having 24 mornings of finding your elf doing something silly or mischievous, why not use this as an opportunity to teach your children character.  After all, we are using it partly to guide their character during the holiday season right?  This is an opportunity to teach children not about behaving well as a countdown to focus on receiving gifts on Christmas morning.  Let’s teach children about giving and kindness.

24 Ways Your Elf Can Teach Giving and Kindness

Many of the elf “surprises” can be divided into two categories:  Pay it Forward and Kid Action.  Pay it Forward surprises are when your elf does something special for your child or children and asks the children to “pay it forward” and do something similarly kind for someone else.  Kid Action items are suggestions your elf presents to help your child make their day a bit kinder.  Here are some ideas you can implement for all 24 days of December for Christmas Day or you can take some of your favorites to use!

  1. Elf can set up your child’s toothbrushes with toothpaste in their bathroom with a cute note saying “Let’s brighten that smile to share happily with others today!”
  2. Elf can set up your child’s shoes, backpack, lunchbox, etc. ready and waiting by the door with a positive note for the day “Have a terrific day!”.
  3. Elf can leave a few canned goods with a note encouraging the child to donate it to their local church pantry or foodbank.
  4. Elf will leave a holiday pencil for the child and a second one for the child to give to a friend that day.
  5. Elf will leave a compliment on a note for the child.  This could be for something specific they did the day before/recently or a compliment for their personality!
  6. Elf will make the child’s favorite treat overnight (cookies, brownies, snack, etc.) and have some bagged for the child to share with a friend.
  7. Elf will cook the child’s favorite breakfast.
  8. Elf will leave a good luck note for an upcoming performance, test, etc.
  9. Elf will leave a congratulations note for the child regarding a recent accomplishment.
  10. Elf will leave a “caught being good” note or small treat and mention something good the child did that he/she should be truly proud of!
  11. Elf will leave a blank “Thank You” card for the child to write/draw in and give to someone they’d like to say thank you to (teacher, parent, family member, friend, etc.).
  12. Elf will leave a kindness suggestion note asking the child to make a new friend that day, sit by someone new at lunch, share something with someone, etc.
  13. Elf will leave a note simply saying “I love you!”
  14. Elf will leave an ornament or inexpensive holiday decor item for the child to give to a neighbor to help spread holiday cheer!
  15. Elf will do one of the child’s chores and leave a blank “coupon” for the child to do the same for someone else in the family!
  16. Elf will leave a kindness suggestion note asking the child to hold the door open for someone that day.
  17. Elf will wrap a gift the child had ready for a family member.
  18. Elf will leave a kindness suggestion note to create a video message and send the greeting to a friend or family member who lives far away.
  19. Elf will leave a recipe and the ingredients for a holiday treat for the child to make with the family!
  20. Elf will leave socks and “Hot Hands” for the child to donate to a local shelter.
  21. Elf will leave craft materials and instructions (if needed) for the child to make a holiday craft (which they can give to someone!).
  22. Elf will leave a blank note titled “Five Things I am Thankful For” that the child can complete (with a parent if necessary!).
  23. Elf will leave a prayer card or a note with a written blessing for the child.
  24. Elf will leave a blank prayer card for the child to write a holiday prayer for the family.

Do you have any other suggestions to add!  I’d love to hear them in the comments!  But wait!!!

I have one more surprise…

To help foster elves teaching kindness this Christmas season, I’m giving away an Elf Magic prize pack!  The package includes a cute 10″ elf carefully selected from the North Pole, an Elf Magic storybook, and a container of elf magic confetti!  This giveaway has a short turnaround because I want to make sure it gets to a deserving family in time for the holidays.  So hurry!  It ends on November 24th!!!

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Have a blessed holiday season!



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