Exhale. Breathe.


Last weekend I spent some time in Myrtle Beach, SC for a little bit of rest, relaxation and fun for my family.  This was my view for the extended weekend every morning, from the balcony of my bedroom.  I’ve never had a balcony from my bedroom and now I swear it is on my bucket list to ensure I have one at one point in my life.  It was absolutely divine waking up and sitting out in the crisp morning air with my chamomile tea and looking out over the lake.

It was complete bliss.

This trip was designed to help me hit the reset button.  After my father’s death, my Grave’s diagnosis, and then the past few months of working roughly 12 hour days on a project for a new client, I feel like I’ve been beat with a stick.  Spring break came at the perfect time because also at this time I learned:

the project I was working on was coming to an end and my participation was no longer needed

my most recent bloodwork showed my thyroid levels are normal

So now I’m on a mission to recuperate, finally take a bit of time to collect myself, catch up with loose ends, and enjoy my life and family.

It seems completely asanine that collecting myself and enjoying every moment is not the way I’ve been spending each day, but that is absolutely what has been happening.

So just in time for spring, an opportunity for renewal, I’m ready to renew myself.

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