First Time Using Chalk Paint



As I’ve mentioned before, I am in love with refinishing, repurposing, and upcycling.  I am slowly diving into it and have been wanting to try my hand at using chalk paint for a while.  I have so many furniture pieces that I want to redo and heard it is one of the best mediums to use because it adheres so well to any surface.  No stripping or sanding necessary?

I’m in!

I had this piece in my garage reserved for my lovely sister.  It was one of the pieces sitting in my dad’s garage for decades.  It was a former TV stand and was basically covered in gunk and garage filth (and believe me when I say it was caked on!).  I initially wanted to strip it and use an almost black stain on it.  My sister had liked my previous work on my freecycled living room table and wanted me to use the Moroccan stencil again.  So I started stripping.  I started sanding.  Nothing looked even and prepped well for a new clean finish.



Cue chalk paint.

Maybe I was weak or lazy.  I’m sure if I cared to put a little more elbow grease into everything, I could have gotten it cleaned off well enough for a stain.


So I started the chalk paint research train.  I knew a shop near my house sold Annie Sloan, but my current problem was price.  I don’t have much to spend (plus I don’t even know what I am doing), so I figured I should test my skills out first. I checked my local AC Moore and BOOM!  Found these beauties at an awesome price:


Each of these costs $7.99, however, I always get great AC Moore coupons for 40-50% off.  So these definitely fell in my price range.

I had read that chalk paint was basically chalk powder mixed with regular paint, so I was curious as to what I”d find.  The black paint came out like a pudding and I found that just a little went a LONG way.  I used a brush and found I could spread it very easily and it filled every crack, nook, and cranny with ease.  The best part of it,  was that It really stuck and adhered to the table so easily.  I had recently redone a small shelf from my dad’s house with latex paint and I swear I basically drenched that piece in paint with multiple layers in order for it to be covered well.  The chalk paint was totally the opposite.  Plus it didn’t get all globby and gunky (yup…those are words..heahea!) when my brush was paint heavy.  It was easy to smooth all those goopy globs out.

So here is my finished piece:


You can see from the picture that the wax hasn’t fully dried yet.  I was so anxious to get this to my sister that I wanted her to have it before the overnight drying was done.  I found the wax was completely necessary because the finish on the chalk paint is super-matte…like an old-fashioned chalk board.  My sensory sensitivies made me cringe when I felt the chalkiness of it.

I seriously hope this wax dries completely clear and she can buff it out well.

Eek…lesson learned.

Have you used chalk paint before?  What tips do you have for my next project?  I have a corner cabinet I want to do.  Maybe distress it?



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