Kids Can Make and Share Videos Safely Through KidzVuz

Do your kids have a passion for making videos and want to upload them for the world to see? As a parent, you are probably concerned over their online safety. It is becoming a challenge to compromise the parents’ need for security and a child’s desire to be part of the online world of content creation. If you are looking for a safe option, KidzVuz provides a secure environment for children ages 6-12 to talk about their favorite interests! Here is a review from Common Sense Media.

I am using this to introduce my kids to digital content creation and allow them to grow in their digital citizenship at a healthy and protected pace.

Digital citizenship is so important to teach children at such a young age. We often forget as parents that we have the responsibility to teach our kids to conduct themselves appropriately and with character while online. KidzVuz is a great “training ground” for kids to experience a positive, productive, and creative online community.

Created by two NYC moms, Nancy Friedman and Rebecca Levey, children can easily request an account to join the KidzVuz community and parents will be emailed for approval. Within the community, children can upload their videos, comment on videos, request friends, and join interest-based clubs. Videos can include reviews on technology, movies, books, games, travel and more. They can also discuss their favorite obsessions such as fashion and music! All videos and comments are completely moderated.

The above video is one that my daughters put together on their love for fashion and design. They had a blast making it and actually did the whole thing by themselves using our iPad and iMovie. I helped upload it and it only took a few days in moderation to be approved and published. KidzVuz wants to make sure that their is no personally identifying information in the video.

Note that the videos do become Youtube videos for the KidzVuz channel. Be assured that through this, the comments option is completely turned off! I have a friend who used to post videos of her musically talented family to Youtube, but was disappointed at having her kids exposed to sometimes unfounded and bullying comments from strangers.

An amazing opportunity that can come from this is that KidzVuz also works with brands. Actively successful users may have the opportunity to work with brands on product reviews! Wouldn’t this be a great learning experience for kids? They’ll get to educate others on the hottest products and learn about digital content strategy at the same time!

So if you are interested in looking into KidzVuz, look at the site with your child and discuss if this is an online community they would be interested in joining. Be forewarned, the videos are entertaining and educational. You will be amazed at how engaged you’ll get!



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