Product Review: Kids Travel in Comfort with Necknapperz


Disclosure:  I received a sample of Necknapperz in order to complete this review.  The thoughts and opinions here are completely my own.

What travel plans do you have lined up this summer?  Taking a road trip? Taking a train?  Flying on a plane?  Odds are you probably will have to endure falling asleep somewhere that isn’t quite conducive to comfort.  So what do you do in those situations?  Rest on your arm?  Crumple up a sweater?  Even lean on your backpack or purse?

We’ve all done it…and it isn’t restful is it?

Now take traveling with your kids.  Do they complain that they can’t get comfortable?  Do they insist on bringing a full size pillow with them?  My kids do and road trips tend to become a situation where our minivan is extremely difficult to move around in (or even get out) because there are full sized pillows other comfort accessories to make everything more manageable.  That’s why I was so excited to learn about Necknapperz.  It’s a convertible 2 in 1 plush cuddle buddy and neck pillow.  No need to carry both a stuffed animal AND a pillow.  Necknapperz is all you need!  I was able to test out Necknapperz with my kids and see how it faired through car trips and slumber parties.


My daughters say it is super comfy to use when you aren’t even napping!


My toddler loved to cuddle with it in the car!

I’m always looking for new products that make travel easier and Necknapperz definitely was a win in my household.  Here’s why:

 Necknapperz can…

be used in ANY situation-whether you are traveling, watching TV, reading, or lounging.  When I first opened Necknapperz, my 14 year old immediately took it to wear as she lounged while perusing through her mobile device.  I explained that I wanted to see how it helped for car trips, but she obviously enjoyed using it around the house!

provide neck support, when you need to get comfortable.  On car trips, I’m constantly seeing my kids fall asleep in their seats with crooked necks.  This can’t be good for their spine, posture, etc.  I now want to get each of them Necknapperz so they can nap appropriately!  I especially love how it is full of microbeads (think luxury bean bag).  This gives the neck pillow the flexibility to take form that is most comfortable and fitting to your neck and nap position.  My kids were raving how it was super comfortable and provided more support than their regular pillows.

be a cuddly toy and buddy for when you are out and about.  My 2 year old especially loved Necknapperz in “buddy” mode.  He loved hugging the little dog and thought it was hilarious when he inflated to a plump dog and then deflated when unzipped!

My only complaint (which is quite minor) is that it is difficult for me to zip it up when I’m transforming it to a dog.  This has nothing to do with the quality of the zipper.  It just seems so “overstuffed” that it is hard for me to zip up.   My daughters (ages 14 and 10) seemed to have an easy time zipping it up, so I’m probaby just not being aggressive enough.  it definitely has been taking a beating with the kids, so it certianly is durable to withstand kid wear and tear!

You can order a Necknapperz here as well as keep up with Necknapperz on Facebook.  There are a variety of cuddle buddies to choose from including Oinky the Pig, Naners the Monkey (my personal favorite), and Stomp the Elephant!  Each runs retail for $19.99 while supplies last.

So if your kids need a little more comfort while traveling, I suggest you give Necknapperz a try.  Just think, no more need to lug a big pillow and their favorite stuffed animal!  I’d love to hear what you think about it.  Leave a comment and let me know Necknapperz have helped your family travel easier on your kids!



Disclosure:  I received a sample of Necknapperz in order to complete this review.  The thoughts and opinions here are completely my own.

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