NubiAh: Land of African Kings and Queens Bedtime Stories & Coloring Book



I’m looking to gift this book to a worthwhile family, school, afterschool program, etc.  If you are an advocate for diversity education, multiculturalism, and empowering urban youth, please read on for more information.

I received the children’s book, NuBiAh by Thomas Jonesfor review.  I was initially drawn to reviewing the book as it offered a collection of stories of notable and researched African kings, queens, and nobility.  Being an Asian minority, I’ve always felt our history curriculum fail to appropriately cover the legacies of non-European history.  I would love to have learned in more depth the stories of early civilizations from around the world. In particular, I think it is important for all children to understand the global scope of history.  NuBiAh helps bring a piece of the global history puzzle to life.

Through my research of the book, I found this children’s story and coloring book was made to compliment the musical stage play NuBiAh.  An culturally diverse and anti-bullying enrichment program based in Los Angeles, NuBiah is produced by Urban City Youth.  Take a look at the amazing performance:

The book aims to not only share the history of rich African culture, but empower youth in finding their passion and true purpose in life through the theme “Listen to the Drum“.  NuBiAh is complete with a wide range of stories including that of the popular and beautiful Queen Nefertiti and King Shaka.  However, the biggest benefit of the collection are bringing to light the lives of:  Queen Yaa Asantewa, Queen of Great Courage; Queen Makeda, The Symbol of Beauty; King Hannibal, Master Strategist; and more.

What I loved about the presentation of the book is that each noble character is introduced with a brief bio.  Yet the heart of the character’s chapter in the book is a “bedtime story” which reads as a first-person spoken word piece.  This is great for children to feel like they are hearing the story from the historical figure’s voice themselves.  However, this element makes the book extremely functional for the classroom in helping students with the practice of prose, oral communication, speech, and public speaking.

Although the book is a coloring book as well, the only thing I wish the book had was a few vivid colorful pictures of the characters of each story.  However, the lack of it just encourages children to use their imagination and bring those black and white images to life.  The coloring book options in this book are intricate and even adults can enjoy expressing themselves through color.

This is an excellent resource for any family or school to have to help teach diversity and history.  I would like to gift the copy that I received to a family, classroom, resource teacher, after school program, or any educator that works with urban youth.  If you are interested in this gift, please contact me at with your name and a brief explanation of your background and educational need for it!

I will update here when I’ve already gifted the book to someone!


Disclosure:  I received a copy of NuBiAh for review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


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