Inspiration from Renwick Gallery-

This past weekend I took a trip into Washington, DC to catch up with my cousin who was on her way driving back to Massachusetts.  I was in the area attending a dear friend’s 40th anniversary party for her parents.  I had a such a lovely time seeing old college friends, their budding families, and dancing the night away with my family. I concluded this was the first time my family as a whole, all 6 of us, danced together on the dance floor!  It was a lovely celebration of love.

So getting to see my cousin was icing on the cake.  DC was a much better meeting spot than a rest area right? In 2 hours we enjoyed the Renwick Gallery near the White House and a nice lunch at Cosi across the street.  The Renwick had come highly recommended by my dear friend due to their new exhibit “Wonder”. Designed to intrigue and inspire awe, it was a beautiful exhibit to trigger creative energy.

The installations were absolutely amazing. Completely a must-see!

Volumetric form and a representation of topography-handwoven net by Janet Echelman
Can you believe this is string? by Gabriel Dawe
These are index cards! by Tara Donovan
These0 are index cards! by Tara Donovan
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Exhale. Breathe.


Last weekend I spent some time in Myrtle Beach, SC for a little bit of rest, relaxation and fun for my family.  This was my view for the extended weekend every morning, from the balcony of my bedroom.  I’ve never had a balcony from my bedroom and now I swear it is on my bucket list to ensure I have one at one point in my life.  It was absolutely divine waking up and sitting out in the crisp morning air with my chamomile tea and looking out over the lake.

It was complete bliss.

This trip was designed to help me hit the reset button.  After my father’s death, my Grave’s diagnosis, and then the past few months of working roughly 12 hour days on a project for a new client, I feel like I’ve been beat with a stick.  Spring break came at the perfect time because also at this time I learned:

the project I was working on was coming to an end and my participation was no longer needed

my most recent bloodwork showed my thyroid levels are normal

So now I’m on a mission to recuperate, finally take a bit of time to collect myself, catch up with loose ends, and enjoy my life and family.

It seems completely asanine that collecting myself and enjoying every moment is not the way I’ve been spending each day, but that is absolutely what has been happening.

So just in time for spring, an opportunity for renewal, I’m ready to renew myself.

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My Broken Thyroid

It has been a few months since I last posted.  Life has taken several unfortunate turns for me, but I know that my life is still blessed.  December included me accompanying my father to California to see his oldest brother who was dying.  This led to my dad being admitted for several days in the hospital in Pasadena.  Then coming back home to feel a bit better, but then fall into renal failure.  The holidays passed with him getting better in the hospital and admitted to a rehab center.  A few days after being there, he passed in his sleep.

Then a few days after his funeral, I started seeing an endocrinologist for bloodwork from December that indicated I had hyperthyroidism.  Months prior I had been experiencing extreme fatigue, weakness, hot flashes, and dizzy spells out of nowhere.  After more bloodwork and a radioactive iodine uptake test, I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease.

There is nothing wrong with my thyroid.  My body is just attacking it for no reason.

Grave’s disease is an autoimmune disorder.  I’m thinking it may have been triggered by either my last pregnancy or just stress.  There is a genetic component to it, but I unleashed the predisposition for it.  It will be something I have to manage for the rest of my life.  There is no cure for Grave’s, but I’m hoping to put it in remission some day.

I’m just starting this journey and the recent events have made me reevaluate life.  I don’t know too much about Grave’s.  I don’t know how much my life will be changed.  God has his plan.

Pray with me!


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