That Time I Met Anne Geddes



I traveled to New York City to attend the first Blogger Bash last summer, an incredible event that brought social media influencers together with brands primarily related to children and family. So much went on that I have no clue how to wrap my brain around and deliver recaps except in pieces and when it is relevant. I do want to share that during the Baby Palooza event of the conference, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the incredible newborn photographer Anne Geddes!


The setting was rather intimate and attendees sat on lovely chic couches throughout the room. I happened to be sitting only feet away from her! I have loved Anne Geddes work for years. Embarrassingly enough, I tried to take my own Anne Geddes-ish photos of a week old Apollo.

They didn’t turn out well so I shall not post them!

She is quite a lovely lady and I was so entranced by her every word! She started to pursue photography at age 25 with no major training. Thus emphasizing her belief that you can pursue any passion you want no matter what age, even at age 60. She did portraits for 10 years and then created her well known signature style of newborn photography that is so exquisite.


She showed us a preview of all of the amazing images from her upcoming wall calendar (on pre-sale now!) Under the Sea 2015 (see my earlier post here!). It is quite extraordinary!

Some of her cardinal rules for capturing images of babies were rather simple:
Take the pictures in the morning
Keep the backgrounds simple
Really put thought into your pictures.take a moment and think before taking the shot. Conceptualizer something masterful!

One statement she made that resonated with me was her response to an attendee’s question: “How do you feel when others over the years have copied your work and unique newborn photography style?” She immediately responded with the simple conviction that her work stands on its own and doesn’t compare.

Never try to be like someone else. You’ll only become a half-rated version of them.-Anne Geddes

So true…and inspiring!

Speaking of inspiring…I loved that she was wearing Converse shoes…laceless too!


Since the setting was intimate, we all had an opportunity to meet her and get an autographed copy of her book “Little Blessings”.


So appreciative of this opportunity to meet such an incredible creative! Thank you to Nadia Carriere of ChildMode and Desiree Miller of Stress-Free,Baby for organizing a great event! If you’d like to check out video of her presentation, check out the footage from Sarah at How I Pinch A Penny. It’s amazing!  Anne Geddes will be at Blogger Bash again this July 2015.  I’m toying with the idea of going again this year, but I don’t know if it will work as I have a newly 3 month old baby!  So if you are interested I know they have tickets left!



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