Weekly Recap: Faves of the Week Feb 6

Did you come across any great posts/news this week?  Here is the low-down on what caught my eye!


The new year and longing for spring may be igniting an interest in your to hit the reset button on your life.  If being more creative is on your bucket list, check out How to Design a More Fulfilled Life by Being Creative in 6 Simple Steps.  It may be what you need to remind yourself of how fun doing things other than laundry, dishes, and carpooling can be.

Maybe you’re thinking Goldfish and fruit puffs shouldn’t be a primary source of your baby’s nutrition?  Here are some basics on How to Make Veggie Purees for Babies.


Looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month with your kids?  Here is a list of picture books from Reading is Fundamental’s Read and Remember series that you can add to your bedtime reading routine.  Better yet, here are Edutopia’s 6 Teaching Tools for Black History Month if you are a homeschooling parent or classroom teacher.

Social Good

This week I joined the #WomensLives journalism initiative by Public Radio International and SheKnows Media.   You can join the dialogue and movement too here! Don’t you think women matter?  Share your stories and let women’s voices be heard!

Pass the tissues…and if you think there aren’t any more good people in the world or that what you say can’t have impact, just read this story of how 13 year-old inner city student Vidal Chastanet’s answer to the question “Who’s influenced you the most in your life?” via the Humans of New York led to raising over $1 million for his Brooklyn school.  That’ll definitely cover a visit to Harvard and then some.


Planning a trip to NYC or just want to see some gorgeous pics reminding you that you need to take a visit?  Check out Let Birds Fly Blog’s 8 Cheap Things To Do in New York City.


When you look at your feet does it make you want do something good for others?  Mitscoots Socks donates socks to the homeless when you buy some of their funky, warm socks!  They are running a giveaway right now and I saw several popups for 20% off of your first order!

Just for the Poops and Giggles

Starbucks for the win…

Excited that coconut milk will now be an option in your coffee?  I’m filipino, so my wishful thinking is that the coconut milk is of the sugary-sweet Asian variety rather than the healthy one.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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