Stocking Stuffer Idea: WubbleX Floating Bubble Ball {sponsored post}


IMG_3523bAs fans of the original Wubble ball, my family and I were excited to see how the WubbleX “anti-gravity” Wubble ball would fair.  The original Wubble ball is a different type of ball and my kids love to play with theirs.  I personally like the learning experiences you can get with them!  The WubbleX uses helium gas, but I wasn’t sure how it would be different from playing with a regular helium filled latex balloon!

The Size.  The WubbleX ball is about the size of an extra large balloon.  We were a little disappointed that it wasn’t the size of the huge Wubble ball!  However, after inflating it with the Wubble tank of helium, we realized it was pretty fun to play with!

Fun play! The WubbleX floats and lifts up with little effort, but comes back down easily to play with.  It was like playing with a floating ball, hence the “anti-gravity” feature!  This was similar to playing with a balloon that was losing it’s helium.  The main difference is that it does “float” very nicely.  So it definitely feels like it is defying gravity!  My kids enjoyed playing with and it lasted for several days with its “floating” ability.


The Value. The WubbleX is great for the cost ($7.99), but keep in mind that you need to purchase a WubbleX can of helium as well ($7.99).

The Cons. You have to buy the WubbleX small tank of helium separately to use it.  In addition, one tank is for a one time use.  If you want to reinflate your WubbleX with fresh helium, you have to get another tank.

Final say…  Overall, my kids loved playing with the WubbleX.  They enjoyed it more than a regular latex helium balloon because it doesn’t get stuck in the ceiling or hover in a single spot.  You have to try it out yourself to fully understand how to it “floats”!   This is a great stocking stuffer that isn’t too expensive and should provide loads of fun for the kids!



Disclaimer:  I received a WubbleX sample in order to write this review.  The thoughts and opinions here are completely my own.



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