Yarn Stencil Wall Art




My 10 year old daughter is one of the most preciously creative people I know.  She has always loved arts and crafts, yet she has been impressing me more and more as she is getting older.  I marvel at the lens that she may be seeing the world in, because some of the beauty she sees is beyond what I can imagine.

This post is all her.

This art is all her own.

I loved the piece that she made that it is hanging in our house right now…our dining room.  When I did so, she asked,

Is it really good enough?


Absolutely!  So here is what she did to create such a pretty masterpiece.  One a day home from being sick, she asked if we had any spare canvases she could use.  I fortunately had one.  Then she asked for yarn and some hard cardboard.


She made a stencil of a butterly.  She used the yarn to hot glue the shape of a butterfly onto the cardboard.



Then she painted the butterfly with some purple acrylic paint we already had and proceeded to make a repeating pattern of butterflies on the canvas.


No need to be precise.  Any imperfections mean character and creativity.


I was amazed at how she freehanded her stenciling and the butterflies were spaced fairly evenly!

I thought she was done with the project, but when I came home from dinner with friends, I found that she had added to the art.


She hot glued identical butterflies she cut from pastel paper she had.  I love the dimension it adds!


There it is hanging on our wall.  Perfect in every way!




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